Anonymous asked:

In an earlier ask you said the key to getting better was practice and a lot of other artists have said that too. But I just don't understand. How do you "practice"? Just draw a lot? How does that help your art get better?

yeah I know it can get really tiring hearing that piece of advice… especially when you feel like you’re not really learning anything when you practice on your own. Which is why I usually tell people to try to get some face to face advice from another artist or watch some tutorials/read books so you’re not just guessing about what you need to work on. I know It can be really overwhelming when you’re first starting off and you feel like there’s SO MUCH you don’t know how to do, but you gotta take everything a step at a time.

But the simple answer to your question is, yes, if you draw a lot, you will improve in some shape or form. It just helps to know what you need to focus on so that you’re utilizing your practice time as much as you possibly can.

If you wanna send me some of your stuff i’d be happy to give you some advice

keep at it!