by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla
Lettering by Jack Morelli - Coming from Archie Comics on July 23rd.

Here’s finally a full preview at our AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #6, the issue that will make everyone aware that this is not simply a “zombie” book :)
This was easily one of the most FUN book I’ve drawn, and one I am the most proud of - can’t wait for you guys to dig in. It’s RObert and mine love letter to all things LOVECRAFT : you’ll see :)

Head over to CBR where this preview debuted for more preview pages from the creepy new series SABRINA (out in October, by Roberto and Robert Hack) and some commentary from Roberto himself about what’s coming next.


Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Afterlife With Archie #6 tomorrow. This is the best comic book that you aren’t reading. 

can’t wait to read this!

Anonymous asked:

I'm planning on going to SVA to become a cartoonist/illustrator much like yourself- do you have any tips on things I could do to assure I'm accepted? Thanks!

hey sorry it took an age for me to answer you. that’s rad that you wanna attend SVA! my advice is gonna be pretty simple and straight forward, and that is to just show your best work, and not too much of the same thing. show as much diversity that you can, whether its through different mediums, styles, techniques etc… they wanna see a wide range of what you’re capable of, but more importantly, to see you present your work carefully and professionally (like you REALLY care about it). but honestly, i wouldn’t stress out over applying too much. they have a pretty high acceptance rate… it might help you to get in contact with someone from admissions. i’d just ask if there’s anyone who can briefly look over you work through an email so they can give you advice. they’ll tell you whether or not you should make an appointment to have your portfolio reviewed or if you should just submit it online. that’s what i did anyway…hope this helps :)